Arnold, who holds an MA in history, brings impressive enrichment to the speaker's podium: teacher, business owner, school administrator, professional musician, free-lance journalist, grants writer, house painter, Hospice volunteer. His public speaking career began with 'Life Skills in Prison: Strategies to Make Freedom Happen' and 'Life Skills: How to Fire Up "Hardened" Kids,' talks he has presented at national conventions from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Scottsdale and St. Louis.

Arnold has fine-tuned his speaking skills with Toastmasters International. His Lincoln presentations, as well as his recently published Lincoln 365, arose out of an award-winning speech entitled 'Lincoln Was a Loser.'

Whether his message centers on the life skills a convicted felon must master to stay out of prison or Lincoln's sense of vision that our leadership-starved world cries out for, Arnold's delivery is timely and inspiring, enticing as a warm, glowing fire in a cold, dark room. A riveting story-teller, Arnold empowers people to push their various envelops as a matter of course - who would have guessed life could be this exciting?

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